Mac Claude Abercrombie, Sr.

Mac Claude Abercrombie, Sr., who died in 1994 at age 90, served as county sheriff from 1933 to 1952. He defeated Seawright Baggett in the 1932 election by 24 votes.

Abercrombie started business in 1923 with a grocery store on Broad Street, later moving to Church Street near his father’s barn and blacksmith shop. At the time of his election, he operated a dairy on Fairburn Road at Dura Lee Lane. His deputies included Fred Waldrop, Fred Milam and A. M. Howell.

Abercrombie retired to operate a stable at the corner of Church Street and Club Drive, now the county jail parking lot, and later owned Timber Ridge Stables. He and his wife Betty were the parents of Claude, Joyce and Cathy.