Six Flags

Douglas County employees can log into our own Six Flags site to buy tickets with substantial savings off the main gate price. The online benefit program also allows you to "print and go" - have your ticket in hand when you get to the park with no wait to purchase tickets.

Access the Offer

To access the Douglas County offer, visit the Six Flags Affiliate website and use the user name and password provided:

  • Username: douglasog
  • Password (password is numeric and case sensitive): SixFlags10

This link can also be used by your friends and family to get the discount. Six Flags arranged this discount for Douglas County employees, but understands that it is being posted on a public web site that is accessible to anyone, and that anyone can use. Six Flags says that it is okay for anyone accessing this site to use the link, user name, and password to get the discount.

Park Hours & Information

Visit the Six Flags website for days and hours of operation or for park information.