Paratransit Advisory Committee

As a complement to its new fixed route bus service, Connect Douglas is required to have Americans with Disabilities paratransit service. This is a reservation-required, door-to-door service designed to assist individuals who have a disability that prevents them from utilizing the standard fixed route service.

Connect Douglas has to have a mechanism in place to gather continuous feedback from the disabilities community and the public regarding the paratransit service. Connect Douglas has chosen to create a Paratransit Advisory Committee to meet this requirement. The Board of Commissioners approved formation of this committee as part of the Connect Douglas overall operating procedures on Dec. 3, 2019.

This committee will include the Connect Douglas Transit Services Coordinator, the Connect Douglas Compliance Officer, a representative of the third party operating the paratransit service, one member from the Douglas County Board of Commissioners (or their designee such as the County Administrator), and one citizen member chosen by each county commissioner. Selections by the commissioners should have some connection to the disabled community.

Initial citizen appointments made to establish the committee will be as follows: Posts One and Two – One Year; Posts Three and Four – Two Years; Post Five – Three Years. After the initial appointments, all terms will be for two years. Initial appointments are staggered to prevent all five terms from expiring at the same time.

The committee will elect its’ own chairman and officers and establish meeting dates and times.