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Jun 01


Posted to Douglas County’s Main Street by Allison Duncan

If you have followed the previous posts on this blog, then the information in the Lithia Springs Small Area Plan will all look pretty familiar.  This small area plan is the basis for a Character Area Study that will inform the next update of the Douglas County Comprehensive Plan. Per the Plan Recommendations, Douglas County applied for some additional technical assistance to continue our planning work. 

Douglas County was awarded a technical assistance grant through the Community Development Assistance Program of the Atlanta Regional Commission. In addition to ARC, this project will be supported by The Georgia Conservancy.

The technical assistance project will have two components.  The first component will be the creation of a resource manual that highlights best practices and case studies of the type of development the community has asked for in the Lithia Springs area.  And the second component will produce a training component for citizens and officials to become advocates for improvements to the Lithia Springs area.

Lithia Springs has a strong sense of place.  As documented in the compilation Portraits of History: Lithia Springs by Earl M. Albertson (and available at the Lithia Springs Library) the natural and built environment have been a complement to the quality of life in the area.  Industry, development and recreation have combined to create the character of the community.  And this same dynamic will be the foundation to define this area moving forward.  
the water plant
the office

Keep an eye on the project blog at this website for more information and future updates.  It is anticipated that the project will get started in July 2021, and extend through the end of 2021. Read the entire press release here.

Photos found in Portraits of History: Lithia Springs by Earl M. Albertson, which is available at the Lithia Springs Library.

Sep 02


Posted to Happenings by TJ Jaglinski

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Oct 08

Existing Zoning

Posted to South Douglas Scenic Byway by Allison Duncan

At the September 14 Public Open House, there were a number of questions about zoning.  County staff shared a copy of the zoning map.  (The map here includes the base zoning district in the area, but excludes overlay districts for the sake of legibility.)


The area captured in the Scenic Byway study boundary includes approximately 29,500 acres. Of the total acreage, about 80% of the land falls within a traditional residential zoning district – either R-LD (Residential Low Density Zoning District) or RA (Residential Agricultural Zoning District).

Approximately 15% of the total acreage is included in a residential or non-residential Planned Unit Development.  Of these 4,500 acres, the residential planned unit development is most common.  A planned unit development signifies that a project was developed with site specific regulations governed by a master plan.

Less than 4% of the land falls under a non-residential district. The Scenic Byway designation does not anticipate changing any of the base zoning in the district.  The county is evaluating alternatives that will preserve viewsheds and buffers and maximize the conservation of environmentally sensitive areas. This includes the preservation of existing zoning entitlements and opportunities for creative design sensitive to the natural environment.

The Corridor Management Plan will include an extensive analysis of existing zoning conditions and will present options for preserving density neutral build out of the area.  Join us November 16 from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. at the Douglas County Courthouse for the second public open house to learn more.