Form Center

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  1. Business Location Profile Form

    This is the first step to apply for a business license.

  1. Pothole/Road Issue Service Request

    If you have a pothole or other road condition service request, please complete this form and it will be sent to the Department of... More…

Code Enforcement

  1. Code Violation Complaint

    Fill out and submit this form if you have an issue or concern about a possible code or ordinance violation.

Communications & Community Relations

  1. Communications & Community Relations Request Form
  2. Roadway Issues Request Form

    Use this form to report potholes, traffic signal issues, blocked roadways or any other traffic or roadway related situations.

  1. General Concern Form

    For any concern not addressed in the other available forms.

  2. Veteran's Day Parade Entry Application

Connect Douglas

  1. Reduced Fare Card Application (Fixed Route)
  1. Request to Join Voucher Program Waitlist

    Douglas County residents may submit this form to be added to the Transportation Voucher Program Waitlist. Please be sure to provide... More…

Juvenile Programs

  1. Attorney Application

    Apply for court appointed counsel.

  2. CHINS Intake Assessment Form

    Used to collect information for CHINS Treatment Team referrals.

  3. Community Risk Reduction Program Participant Survey
  4. FTC Participant Survey

    Satisfaction survey for FTC participants.

  5. Juvenile Programs Client Satisfaction Survey

    Used to survey the satisfaction of clients of Douglas County Juvenile Programs Department.

  1. Baby Steps Recovery Program Referral

    Used to refer participants to the Baby Steps Recovery Program.

  2. CHINS Treatment Team Referral Form

    Form used to refer a child to the CHINS Treatment Team.

  3. Delinquent Intake Assessment Form

    Family can complete the intake assessment form prior to their appointment.

  4. FTC Referral Form

    Used by DFCS to refer clients to Family Treatment Court

  5. Monthly Case Management Check-in

    Form used for monthly case management meetings


  1. Online Vendor Application Form

    All potential and current vendors shall complete and submit these forms to the Douglas County Purchasing Department with respect to... More…